Allergy Girl Eats!

Kortney Kwong Hing, Allergy Girl Eats!

Coping with food allergies and eating deliciously? Allergy Girl Eats!

Food allergies? Many would call this a typical children’s disease and indeed it seems like children are much more at risk to develop food allergies than adults. Nevertheless, food allergies and even anaphylaxis can also affect grown-ups, and this is why Kortney Kwong Hing started her blog Allergy Girl Eats. MeinAllergiePortal spoke to Kortney about what is motivating her and what Allergy Girl Eats has to offer for allergy adults.

Kortney, on your website you say “I started this blog because I feel there aren’t enough adults talking about how they deal with their food allergies” – what is keeping allergy adults from “going public”?

Adults with anaphylaxis grew up in a time where it wasn’t a very popular subject, and I think we just learned how to cope with our allergies alone. So going into adulthood, we may not feel the need to reach out.

Now with the internet and the increase of people with food allergies a large online community has formed where people can connect and go public.

How did allergy adults respond to Allergy Girl Eats?

Since allergy adults grew up more or less as the only allergic kid in the neighbourhood, adults with anaphylaxis are happy to hear that their experiences are shared by others. There is a lot of joy in connecting with someone because of quirks you may have thought were only yours are actually part of being a person with food allergies.

Which topics are “most wanted” on Allergy Girl Eats?

The most wanted topic is travel because there is a fear of going to new places. We aren’t sure how our allergies will be handled, and at the same time, we don’t want our allergies to limit us.

You had food allergies from your earliest days on, what was most challenging when growing up?  

The hardest thing growing up with food allergies was my need to be in control, which was seen as being bossy. A lot of people thought of me as a control freak because I constantly needed to know the plan. What people didn’t realize then or sometimes even now is that I need to prepare for things like; do I need to eat before we go out, should I pack food, or will I come in contact with an allergen? There were a lot more things I had to think about as a kid because of my allergies.

Growing up as the ‘bossy’ girl was challenging because I didn’t understand why I was that way and why this was a negative character trait. Now I look back on all the times this happened, and it is because of my food allergies. You could say I was more organised than your regular kid.

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