Remodeling Airways Asthma

Prof. Jean Bousquet, Pulmonologist, University of Montpellier and Hôpital Arnaud de Villeneuve, Montpellier

Remodeling & Asthma: What does it mean for asthmatic patients?

Is there a way to reverse the remodeling process?

The remodeling of the airways cannot be reversed. The dose of inhaling corticosteroids necessary to reverse the remodeling process would be much higher than recommended to avoid side effects.   

What is important to know in respect to the treatment of asthmatic patients, considering the remodeling process?

One important factor is stratification. Asthmatic patients are heterogeneous, which means different types of patients with different types of asthma need different therapies - one size does not fit all! For example: For most patients, corticosteroids are effective but for patients with very severe asthma other therapeutic strategies are needed, as an example, omalizumab is working very well. This means that there has to be an individual therapy concept for each individual asthmatic patient, which has to be revised and adapted on a regular basis.

Prof. Bousquet, thank you very much for this interview!

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