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Remodeling Airways Asthma

Prof. Jean Bousquet, Pulmonologist, University of Montpellier and Hôpital Arnaud de Villeneuve, Montpellier

Remodeling & Asthma: What does it mean for asthmatic patients?

How long does it take until remodeling sets in with asthma?

The remodeling process probably sets in very early - after the first year of asthma.

Are there risk factors for remodeling?

There are asthmatic patients, who have a separate set of genes for remodeling. That means that these remodeling features can be found very early in life before asthma is diagnosed.

Is there a similar process for allergic rhinitis?

It is interesting, that very little remodeling is taking place in the nose. Due to bacteria, particles etc. there are constantly inflammatory processes going on. If remodeling would also take place in the nose, everybody’s nose would be completely blocked.

Is there a way to prevent or inhibit the remodeling of the airways of asthmatic patients?

There is no way to prevent remodeling the airways of asthmatic patients. But the remodeling process may be reduced to a certain extent by inhaling high doses of corticosteroids, because this is preventing inflammation.

Even though asthma is an inflammatory disease which is remodeling the airways, the disease is very well controlled and the treatment for asthmatic patients is very effective. But: It is extremely important that the treatment is maintained, because as soon as it is stopped, the symptoms may come back.